Apr 30, 2011

Five Best Lighting Tips when Selling your Home

When selling, lighting can make a dramatic difference in how you house shows and how buyers perceive the size and condition of your home. Every room should be lit to its potential. And as much as I love to be earth friendly, this is the time when you need to disregard that in favor of aesthetics.

Here are my best 5 lighting tips to help you make the most of your space:
  1. Turn on every light fixture and lamp in the house for all showings. Buyers don't like dark, dreary spaces.
  2. Open the window treatments and let natural light flood the space. Unless the view out the window is really awful, let the light in.
  3. Increase the wattage in most of your lamps and fixtures. A little more bulb power really brightens up dark colored rooms. Crisp white light is better than blue or yellow tints.
  4. Replace any spiral fluorescent bulbs with pretty clear or frosted bulbs. Save the energy efficient bulbs for your next house.
  5. Chandeliers and pendants should be an appropriate size for the space. Chandeliers should hang approximately 30” above the table and wall sconces or fixtures should be just above eye level.
And one more thing - Since most buyers feel that a bright kitchen is a cheerful kitchen, be sure to light it up for a delicious sale.

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