Mar 22, 2011

Remodeling Tips

While I love remodeling ideas and ways to save money, today I'd like to point out a few other important tips when you're taking on a home improvement project.

If you're doing some of the demolition yourself, living in the house during demolition or frequently inside the property while the remodeling is taking place - you should wear a dust mask or respirator when there is any chance of demolition dust. Simple precautions and a good dose of common sense can reduce the health risks during demolition - especially for children.

Hazardous particles can be airborne when carpets are removed, walls are sanded, or other older construction materials are removed. If your property was built prior to 1978, you need to take extra precautions against airborne asbestos from sheetrock and airborne lead particles from paint. A professional can test for asbestos.
Until the debris is removed, you should probably wear a HEPA mask any time you are in the property and wear disposable coveralls, protective gloves and shoes. Shower as soon as possible after construction dust exposure. Keeping the area damp during demo will help keep dust down.

Use plastic sheeting over doorways to contain the dust. Don't use exhaust fans because they're designed for vapors, not heavy airborne dust and particles. To prevent more dust from becoming airborne, vacuum it up using a shop vacuum instead of sweeping it. And when the project is near completion, make sure the entire area is cleaned including trim work over doors and windows, insides of cabinets, etc.

In Preston Hollow and the Park Cities, older homes are often torn down to make way for new, larger houses. If an old home near you is being demolished, you may want to take extra steps to protect your family's health from the demolition dust that may be drifting through your yard. [where: 75230]


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