Feb 17, 2011

Real Estate Photo Hall of Shame

I've tried to be a nice agent and stop picking on bad photos in our MLS. But this week, the temptation is more than I can withstand. Here are a few of my favorite Bad Real Estate Photos:
This photo is of a 4 bedroom house - there must be something else they could have featured.
Caption on this one is "design team". There are places to show off cute kids - but MLS isn't one of them. And is anyone really interested in a home designed by 10 year olds?
At first I thought this photo was upside down. But that's the ceiling. There should be a better way to highlight it.
Night photos can be a nice touch - when you also have a daytime photo. The funny thing about this one is that the property is on Sunlight Drive.
[where: 75230]

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