Jan 31, 2011

When to put your house on the market in Dallas

The best time of year to put your house on the market in Dallas can be determined by looking at sales over the past several years. This fantastic graph from Hexter-Fair Title Company shows the seasonal sales since 2004 for North Texas.

June is typically the busiest month for sales. Which means that May is the month that the most homes will go under contract. Working back from there, you just need to know the average Days on Market for your neighborhood. If most homes take 60 days to sell, then place your home on the market in March and hope for a June closing.

While many other factors will determine if your house sells - primarily price, location and condition - it is wise to think of TIMING when selling your home. And you can see from the chart that the time of year does make a difference.  [where: 75230]


Jeff Duffey said...

Great post. What I think would be more interesting is to find out the likelihood your home will sell in a particular price range. For example, most homes may go under contract in May, but is that 10 out of the 300 homes on the market? Perhaps in December only 8 homes went under contract out of only 100. This equates to a 3% chance of selling in May vs. an 8% chance of selling in December.

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