Jan 2, 2011

Home Evaluation through someone else's eyes

When you are thinking of selling your house, it's a good idea to get an expert opinion before putting it on the market. You need an honest assessment of your house through someone else's eyes.

One of the values of hiring a Realtor includes that person's advice and expertise on making your home more appealing to buyers. A good agent has toured the homes for sale in your area and price range and they know what buyers expect from your property. How does your property compare to the current competition?

Below are some Home Evaluation questions your agent should answer.

When comparing this property to others in this area and price range, please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst):
Then please give suggestions on the lowest ranking items.

Look for some honest answers and be receptive to advice that you may not want to hear. One of the hardest aspects of my job is telling people something negative about the home that they love. Often I hire a professional stager or designer to evaluate the property and make suggestions. Most of my clients are such nice people and I hate to hurt their feelings. But I wouldn't be doing them any favors to keep information from them that could help sell their home faster or for more money.

I wouldn't want my doctor to withhold news that I have a disease for fear of upsetting me. Would you want to find out that everyone hates your wallpaper (that you could have easily removed) after your home has lingered on the market for 9 months?

Honesty and trust work both ways. Be forthright with your agent about your desires to hear their candid, unbiased opinion. It could help you both get closer to your goal of getting your house sold.


Walt said...

Good insights. What is the most common problem you find with people wanting to sell their home?

Lydia said...

Thanks Walt. Too often sellers are not able to see their home through a buyer's eyes. Folks often love their home and assume everyone else will be enchanted by the things they love about it.

But today's buyers expect to find properties in perfect condition with the latest updates and design AND at an excellent price. When you get accustomed to living in a house as it is, seeing it with fresh eyes is difficult.

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Great list and a great insight.

Arrielle P