Jan 13, 2011

Get your appliance rebate now

Love my new energy efficient stainless steel refrigerator. Purchased on sale at Lowe's, they delivered and hooked it up, then hauled away the old one for recycling. I'm expecting to get a nice $250 rebate through the Texas Appliance Mail-In Rebate Program.

If you're thinking of taking advantage of the rebate program, you'd better get on it quickly. As of today, the program has approved $5,238,745 in rebates. They have about $4.4 million in rebate applications awaiting validation and estimate that about $8.8 in funds remain in the program. At that rate, they should be out of funds by February.
I'm going to miss my refrigerator magnets, but they aren't making the move to the new one.

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Christian Stephenson said...

I love the recent wave of "energy efficient" appliances and homes. I'm a window tinter in Plano, and recently we've seen a large influx of requests for residential tinting in our area. It appears as though homeowners are more energy-conscious than ever!