Dec 17, 2010

Buy your new appliances Next Week

The new and improved Texas appliance rebate program starts Monday. Unlike the reserve-in-advance, mail-in rebate fiasco last spring, this one seems to make sense.

Consumers can start buying new energy efficient appliances on December 20 and, after installation, mail in a completed rebate application form and a copy of the receipt to get a rebate. The mail-in rebate program will remain open until the available funds ($18 million+) are distributed.

The application form for the Texas Appliance Mail-In Rebate Program is available here. The new appliance must be Energy Star efficient to qualify. An application form is not required at the time of purchase, but is needed at the time of installation for disposal or recycling information.  You may also want to review the Frequently Asked Questions page for basic information on the new program.

I plan to replace my old refrigerator with a nice new efficient one and get a $250 rebate. Click here to see how much you can get back on your purchase. Please note - This is not an excuse to buy your spouse an appliance for Christmas. That means you honey :)   [where: 75230]

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