Nov 6, 2010

Reduce the parking at Preston Forest?

The shopping center at the southwest corner of Preston and Forest is requesting a reduction of their required parking spaces because "the existing parking can easily handle the reduction". I don't know about you, but I often have a difficult time finding a parking space there - especially near the restaurants. And many of the existing parking spots are for compact cars and I can't squeeze my small SUV into them.

If you want more information or any say in this request contact Steve Long, who works with the Dallas Board of Adjustments at 214-670-4666 or .

If you want to voice your opinion to your Board of Adjustments Commissioner for our area, contact either Robert Moore (for city council area 11) or Ross Coulter (for city council area 13) at  214-670-4206.

Click on the images of the request to view them larger. [where: 75230]

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