Nov 21, 2010

Spy Cameras in homes for sale

I occasionally tour a property that is listed for sale and wonder if I'm being watched ... by the owner's  hidden camera. I'm not a snooper and I don't pry into people's personal objects when I'm in their home (and I make sure my clients don't either). But there are people out there who like to open drawers and are a little too curious about the seller's lifestyle. At least they do in the movies.

Some homeowners have actually taken to spying on Realtors and potential buyers when they tour their home. Hidden monitors come in all shapes and sizes today. They can be disguised as smoke detectors, clocks, picture frames, etc. and are often called 'nanny monitors'.  It's never happened to me - to my knowledge - but I know other agents who have experienced it. I've heard their stories and they were not happy.

While it may not be illegal (and I'm not sure about that), it just seems kind of shady. Would you ever use a spy camera to monitor people in your own house? What would you do if you were 'spied on' in someones home?   [where: 75230]

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