Oct 24, 2010

Who are the best real estate negotiators?

The success of a good transaction is often found in the negotiations. And the sign of a failed sale is frequently seen in the lack of negotiation skills.

Most of us have seen a great business deal fall apart - to the detriment of both sides - due to the inability to negotiate successfully. Some people call it 'shooting yourself in the foot', but the inability to negotiate with skill is a disadvantage when buying or selling a home. Many people consider themselves to be good negotiators. And many of them are wrong.

So who are the best negotiators? In my opinion, they are lawyers and moms of well-adjusted adults.

The second group may sound strange, but I credit much of my negotiating expertise to years of raising children - along with a few law classes and courses in the subject. Most adults are easy to deal with after successful negotiations with a screaming 2-year-old, a strong-willed tween or an emotional 16-year-old. Seeing my kids turn into smart, responsible, happy young adults is my most successful result yet.  [where: 75230]


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