Oct 17, 2010

New Healthy Foods coming to Preston Royal

The treadmill store at the southwest corner of Preston and Royal is gone and a new tenant is on the way. My Fit Foods is moving into the space next to Sushi Star. Most folks probably don't remember that this location was a pizza place before they sold exercise equipment (in the days before Rodolfo's).

This chain has a couple of locations in Dallas already and they offer healthy take-away foods. Their concept is based on "a 40/40/20 breakdown: 40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat. The saturated fat, sodium, and sugar is kept to a minimum, while flavor is maximized with herbs and spices."

Sounds like a healthy version of Short Stop - which has moved into the northeast area of Preston and Royal. Looks like none of us are using our stainless appliances and granite counters to cook any more.   [where: 75230]

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