Oct 31, 2010


For those of you who don't know me personally are are new to this blog, let me introduce myself ...

Hi. My name is Lydia ... and I'm a houseaholic. I love to tour houses. Looking at homes is both my hobby and my profession. Shopping for homes is passion for me like gambling, watching football or shoe shopping is for some people. This obsession can probably be attributed to my upbringing. My father was in the Air Force and we moved a lot. A whole lot.

I lived in 6 homes in Preston Hollow over 15 years - and that's only because my husband and kids didn't want to move more often and we've stayed put for the past 10 years. If I can't move every few years, I feel the need to at least paint and move the furniture around. I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from remodeling or decorating a home. Which leads to my second addiction - home improvement shows. I record them and like to relax with a glass of wine and the TV remote at night.

If you're a fellow houseaholic, welcome to my blog. And check out my favorite blog list on the right side of this page for other places to get your fix. 

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