Sep 21, 2010

Too Many Choices

Serious about buying a home? Here is an unusual tips:

Really narrow your choices before looking at properties because a confused mind will usually say 'no'. When there are too many choices in the decision process, it becomes difficult to make any decision at all. Often we have too many choices and too many decisions to make in our lives. Information overload is a huge force. And while many choices may sound like a good thing, in reality too many choices can paralyze people in the decision-making process. When options are limited (in a booming real estate market or a high demand area), buyers have no problem making quick decisions.

When options are plentiful, inventory is high, or time is not of the essence, buyers are sometimes stifled, allowing great deals to slip through their hands. After looking at dozens of great homes, the array of choices can make buyers fearful that they may be buying the wrong home. They loose out on a wonderful home because they worry that a better deal maybe around the corner. They image the grass to be greener at the next house.

Like advances in technology (which occur so quickly that our new phone is obsolete and overpriced shortly after we purchased it), there are usually items in a home that need "tweaking". Once you've bought or even built your dream home, you'll find a new feature that wasn't on the market until after you've moved in. It isn't unusual for folks to believe they've thought of everything for their new home, but after living in it for a while they find something they would have done differently. Your new home today can always be tweaked to suit you more perfectly tomorrow.
While it is prudent to do your homework and research your options, sometimes the first home you see is the best one and should be acted upon.

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