Sep 10, 2010

The Source of Dallas Home Buyers

Many sellers want to know where Dallas home buyers are coming from. While there are lots of statistics out there to show how many are first time buyers, coming from out of state, downsizers, move-up buyers, etc. - those numbers change. One statistic that remains fairly consistent is that most buyers come with their own buyer’s agent.

In Dallas, more than 80% (and some say 85%) of all home sales involve two agents – the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. So if you throw out the for-sale-by-owner transactions, deals involving families, buyers without their own agent, etc. you usually have a listing agent (representing the seller) and a buyer’s agent.

So when I’m selling your Dallas home, I’m putting a lot of focus on marketing to other agents. Those agents represent our potential buyers. People like to do business with people that they know and trust. Therefore, the time I spend networking with other agents isn’t because I just like to hang around Realtors. In addition to 500+ agents in my own company, I belong to a network of outstanding agents and I’m on friendly terms with Realtors in offices all over town.

Most really good agents work to keep their listings in front of as many Realtors as possible. Keep in mind that properties are on MLS and office tours every week. A typical 2 hour MLS tour in Preston Hollow or the Park Cities will feature 30 to 130 homes and there isn’t enough time to see them all. I try to see 20 to 25 homes a week and the homes I view vary depending on my current listings and buyer clients. Since it can be difficult to remember a house that was on tour months ago, you need to have ways to keep reminding Realtors about your property.

Because the source of most Dallas home buyers is Dallas Realtors.  [where: 75230]

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