Sep 4, 2010

Dear Tom Thumb, Please Stop

    I frequent the Tom Thumb stores along Preston Road and I just want to buy my groceries, so please, please -

  • Stop the auto announcements asking me to send a kid to camp. It's September and the Shriners already called today asking me to send kids to the circus.
  • Stop making your cashiers ask me for a donation to your charity  (I have my own favorite charities just like you do).
  • Stop your credit/debit card machine from asking me again to donate to another of your charities.
  • Stop giving me so many paper receipts/coupons/advertisements ( Buying a car doesn't come with this many receipts).  
Maybe it's just donor burnout on my part, but I see this trend spreading. The Staples at Preston Forest made a plea at the check out stand last week for some kind of charity drive. I know times are tough and charities must reach out now more than ever. The symphony has called a couple of times asking for support, all the major disease charities have my number and the kids are gearing up to sell stuff door to door in the neighborhood.

But when did corporate charitable giving become the duty of the patrons of these businesses? Anyone else tired of saying no at the check out stand?   [where: 75230]

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