Aug 28, 2010

Best Tips to Sell Your Dallas Home

If you want to sell your home in Dallas (or better yet, if you need to sell your home), here are my top 5 tips to get it done.
  1. Make the commitment. This is not the time to put your home on the market just to 'see what happens'. If you're just thinking about selling and aren't really committed, don't waste you time and your agent's time. How motivated are you and your agent? If your agent is willing to go along with the 'just give it a try for a couple of months' attitude, they aren't committed either.
  2. Price it to sell quickly. To sell in today's market the price needs to be compelling. Get an appraisal if you need to. Check out the current competition and sales over the past 6 months. View (either in person or on-line) all the homes within a mile of yours that are priced within 10% of your property. Try to be objective and see how you compare. The condition and price of your home must be better than those to snag the buyer.
  3. Stage it to sell. Follow your agent's advice when it comes to adding curb appeal and making your house presentable to the general public. Unique is harder to sell. Make it appealing to the most buyers. Get rid of 25% to 50% of the stuff cluttering the rooms and clean, clean, clean. Open window treatments and turn on lights for every showing. Follow my previous advice on making your home more 'sellable' ; here, here, here,  here, here, and here.
  4. Make it easy to show. If the buyers can't see it at their convenience, they'll buy something else. Make it easy for their agent to access it with a keybox and leave for every showing. Dallas buyers don't like the owners or owner's agent watching them, following them or listening to their reactions about a property. Unless it is an emergency, never turn down a showing. You may be turning down an offer.
  5. Market aggressively. It is your agent's job to get your house maximum exposure. You need great photos and an array of marketing materials. Everything from signs to mailings to relocation agencies is important in today's market. The large majority of buyers in North Dallas are represented by their own agent. I use a strategy to market a home to other agents as energetically as I do to the public.

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