Aug 13, 2010

Bad Real Estate Photo - I mean showing

Better (or at least funnier) than this week's bad real estate photo - today's bad real estate showing.

There was a showing scheduled today on a property I have listed for more than $1 million. I went by the house prior to the showing time and turned on all the lights, etc. It's over 100 degrees outside. A little later, I get a call from the male showing agent, that goes something like this:

"I'm here trying to show your house at xxx xxx Road and there is no keybox."
"It's on the front door."
"No. I'm standing at the front door and it isn't here."
"Then you're at the wrong house." I repeat the address and describe the property.
"We're at the right house, trying to get in and there is no keybox on the door ... Oh ... (background noises sound like angry voices) ... wait ... (more angry voices) ... this is the wrong house."
"I'm nearby. Do you need help?"
" No (more background noises) ... Get in the car ... It's okay ..."
"You sure you don't want me to come there?"
"Get in the car ... no ... we'll  find it ... get in the car."

The lack of a sale sign and keybox should have been the first clues to the agent that he was at the wrong house. Later I went by to turn off the lights and they had made it to the right house. But can you imagine how the neighbors felt when strangers were trying to get in their front door?
That's a good way to get a dog bite ... or get shot.

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davidsonsonsonson said...

I really like reading this post and I am very happy that you posted it on this blog...

north dallas houses said...

Yes, you are right that it can be not only very embarrassing for those who are standing in front of a house and trying to get in but it is also dangerous for them because what worst might happen to them, like someone thinks that they are robbers and he might shot them.

heather said...

I have to admit that when I was first licensed, I was with a seasoned agent friend of mine and we were on Realtor Tour together...there were 2 homes, both new listings on the same street, listed by different agents. Unfortunately, we went in the wrong listing and the alarm was armed. We didn't have the code as we weren't supposed to be in the house so the alarm went off, we had to call the agent and the showing service. The agent was polite and accepted our profuse apologies. Could have been a LOT worse. At least we were able to tell the agent how well staged and great the house looked!