Jun 15, 2010

Would your home pass inspection today?

My 70 year old home probably wouldn't. Here are a couple of items that might come up on a home inspection if you have a home in North Dallas that is 10+ years old:

Showers and bathtubs
Today's standards require that showers and bathtubs with a shower head do not have a separate knob for cold water supply and another for hot water, which is common in older homes. There must now be a single mixer valve. If it isn't broken, I wouldn't bother changing it just to change it.

Anti-siphon hose bibs
An anti-siphon device (or vacuum breaker) prevents unsanitary water from being pulled back through a garden hose and contaminating the water system, also known as a 'cross connection'. They are inexpensive and available at hardware stores. If you feel compelled to install one, you can probably do it yourself.

Maintain Your Home
Your best bet it just to keep up with the on-going basic maintenance of your home. Check/change the AC filters every other month. Clean the gutters. Test the smoke alarms, the electric receptacles, the garage door openers and the caulking around windows and doors.

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