May 28, 2010

Bad Photos of Homes for Sale

I can't show you terrible photos of homes for sale in our local Multiple Listing Service. Apparently, those awful pictures are copyrighted and could really upset a few people who don't want their professional shortfalls made public.

So in an effort to poke fun at educate those folks selling their homes without an agent, I bring you:

Bad Photos of Homes for Sale that are not in our MLS 

The garage can be a handy place to store junk so that your home shows better. Just don't highlight the junky garage (or the scruffy dog and stolen drink machine).

Nice home office. Now if I could just find a place to sit .... that isn't made of porcelain.

Then there is this home. Not only plenty of seating, but a door too!

[where: 75230]

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