Mar 15, 2010

Would you rather live in Las Vegas or Dallas?

I love Vegas. But I wouldn't want to live there. If for no other reason than their turf laws. That's right ... turf.

On one hand, I admire their water conservation efforts. We all need to help conserve water and some cities offer financial incentives to combat water shortages. But in the Vegas area, building codes also stipulate that new homes can not have any lawn in the front yard and only 50% lawn in the back. Rock seems to be a favorite choice of ground cover. After all, it IS the desert.

Personally, I think I'd have to go with artificial grass. Some how, I can't picture kids and dogs frolicking around a gravel yard. Mowing would be obsolete and raking might be easier. But I wonder how it would effect rain run off and street flooding? We get hot in Dallas and need to watch our water use, but we get our share of rain.

Vegas is great, but I prefer the grass under my feet ... right here in Dallas.

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