Mar 25, 2010

Six Weeks and counting

Remember that big snow storm almost six weeks ago? Many of us lost big branches, a few trees, electric power, etc.

My neighborhood in Preston Hollow is still waiting for the city to pick up the debris from the fallen trees. I think we've all been pretty understanding and patient with the city about removing the bulk trash at the curb. But six weeks seems like enough time to get this mess cleaned up.

My tulip blooms have come and gone while the wall of dead limbs remains between my home and the street. I hope this mountain of lumber disappears before it kills the spring grass. UPDATE: I just read that the city has hired extra crews to pick up the debris. And it only took a month ... or so. Lets just hope a really big disaster doesn't hit Dallas any time soon. We could all be living in FEMA trailers for a decade.

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