Jan 12, 2010

Do you need 2 dishwashers?

In Dallas, we are seeing a continuation of the trend in new homes with 2 dishwashers in the kitchen. I've sold a few homes with multiple dishwashers and have a couple for sale right now. At first I thought it was a novelty reserved for kosher kitchens or multimillion dollar mansions. However, it's becoming more common in upper priced homes because of the wonderful convenience.
Ideally the dishwashers can flank either side of the sink for ease of loading and for close proximity to cabinets for putting clean items away. Or you can place the additional dishwasher near a second island sink or in the butler's pantry, bar area or other serving area.

Dishwasher drawers make having 2 dishwashers even easier. And they are easy to open/close and load. I only wonder that if I had 2 dishwashers, would it mean the end to stacking dirty dishes in the sink? We could just stick those clean/dirty magnets on the front of them and skip the sink completely. I may try it in my next house. Maybe by that time, they could come with a motion sensor to open the drawer when a teenager approaches the sink.
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KittyLou said...

Haven't seen this yet.

Anonymous said...

I like this comment.it is very useful for my mother while doing home working & putting a dishes at proper place & find it neatly and fast.thanks to share this with us.