Jan 14, 2010

Best House Plants to help sell your Home

Every home should have a small element of nature to help the home feel 'alive' and make potential buyers feel welcome. House plants are ideal for this - as long as you keep only a few. Certain house plants can work as natural air purifiers to remove organic chemicals and toxins from the air. I'm told plants are also supposed to reduce your stress and enhance your mental well-being too. When you're selling your home, you need all the stress reduction you can get.

Here are some of the best plants for sellers :
Bamboo — Said to be lucky, this plant is hardy. It doesn't take up much valuable floor space and can be found in a huge variety of sizes to suit your needs for a table top or floor.



Rubber Plant — This plant has a nice general appeal. Its good for removing indoor chemical odors and also acts as a natural humidifier. Put it anywhere you’d like a little more moisture in the air and a little more life to a corner. Works well in any decor.


Snake Plant — Also called Mother-in-law's Tongue. Despite the name, this plant has some great benefits. Extremely hardy, it helps clean the air in dark rooms. Good for a bathroom and tight spaces.

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