Dec 12, 2009

Why Hasn't My House Sold?

That's been a popular question this year.
A recent article in the Tribune Media Services listed the top six reasons properties linger on the market:

  • Lousy pictures on the Web.
  • Priced too high for the neighborhood.
  • Blah interior; ho-hum landscaping.
  • Little online marketing and hard-to-find MLS listings.
  • Low commissions. Practitioners make sure their customers see properties that offer a payoff.
  • Miserable maintenance, including ceiling stains, leaky faucets, and ancient furnaces.

While I agree, I'd like to add the top six reasons many beautiful homes in Dallas haven't sold:

  • Uncertainty - in our lousy economy.
  • Lack of available mortgages - especially jumbo loans.
  • Potential buyers 'waiting' to see - what happens with the economy and housing - or who can't sell their existing homes.
  • Its a buyer's market - there are more sellers than ready, willing and able buyers. Foreclosures are adding to this.
  • High expectations - buyers can afford to be picky and they expect perfection.
  • The competition - we've got a lot of beautiful homes available at great prices. How do you stack up against the competition today (not yesterday)?

If you're trying to sell your home in today's market, take a look at the first six reasons that it may not have sold. You have control over those obstacles to a sale. The next six reasons are often out of our control.

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