Jul 16, 2009

This photo better than nun?

I constantly preach that one of the most important aspects of marketing a property for sale is to plaster several good photos of the property all over the internet. Buyers want to see photos. Lots of photos.

This lovely home just is on the market in north Dallas with a reputable brokerage. You can probably guess from the photo that it was listed around July 4th.
The listing includes 5 photos (not great but better than nothing). However, the really odd thing is the photo of the kitchen.
The caption reads: "Home has been blessed by God's servants."
The MLS rules for placing photos of properties states that photos and their descriptions may not have "any text that is not descriptive in nature and relevant to the portrayal of the listed property".
I guess the relevancy of nuns blessing a property could be a matter of opinion.
What do you think? Is this picture a blessing or a curse when it is one of 5 photos showing the property?
[where: 75230]

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