Jul 12, 2009

5 Biggest Blunders Sellers Make

Want to sell your home?

Make it easy on yourself and me by avoiding these money-loosing pitfalls. Trust me, I'm a doctor (when it comes to these things).

1. Messiness. Get rid of the clutter and knick-knacks. If you can't sit on it or use it, its clutter. Buyers should walk in to your home and say "I want to live like this. There is room for my stuff here." When there is too much of your stuff, they can't imagine their stuff there. Plus, it feels like there isn't enough storage in the house.

2. Dirtiness. Byers don't care if you have kids and/or pets. They are turned off by a dirty house. Clean from top to bottom and it will make the difference between a sale or not. Elbow grease goes a long way. Make it sparkle.

3. Deferred maintenance. Fix it. Cracks, holes, anything broken or damaged. No one wants to buy work. Your deferred maintenance = work for the buyer.

4. Unappealing paint colors or wallpaper. Neutral colors sell. Paint is money in a can.

5. Unpleasant smells. Pets, cooking odors, ... People want to be in a fresh, clean home. Open the windows, boil cinnamon, use scented paint, ... Avoid flowery fragrances. Vanilla or 'fresh linen' scent works best.

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