May 5, 2009

Jones Soda & Realtors

Have you seen Jones Sodas? They're the drinks that come in unusual flavors and sell in stores like Target and Starbucks. Founder Peter van Stolk decided that the world didn't need need just another soda. He purposely stepped outside the box to embrace a different product and marketing strategy.

His story begs the question, does the world need another real estate agent? another restaurateur? another book store?

We don't need more of the same. This year I'm purposefully embracing what makes me unique. So what make me special?

Marketing! My marketing skills are different. I go the extra 2 miles to sell every home I list. While I'm not giving away my secrets or strategies, I'm stepping outside the box to market homes in a way that works. I think of it as the Jones Soda approach to selling real estate. Not for everyone, but it works for me.

[where: 75230]

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