May 29, 2009

The Birds Are Coming

... to Preston Hollow. We're talkin' crows and grackles.

Patti Cody with the Preston Hollow North Homeowners Association reports:
"Starting June 1st, the Preston Royal Shopping Center is expecting birds to again roost in the trees and wires over their parking lot. They have employed a group of professionals to discourage the birds from roosting there. They are doing so because when thousands of birds roost, they make a mess of the parking lot, any cars parked there, and anyone walking through it. The discouragement may start before the main roost so that advance birds that sometimes scout, etc. do not roost and draw in other birds.
The center has asked that we warn the neighborhood because their means of discouraging the birds will be lights and noise at about sunset. The noises could possibly be confused for backfires or gunshots. They have told us that they do not intend to use mists to discourage the birds."
Better than gunshots I guess.
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Tamstyles said...

I almost thought I was the only blogger in Dallas!