May 27, 2009

Almost through my remodel

WooHoo! We're in the home stretch of my current kitchen update and soon it will be back open for business. As in the past, it will still be a self-serve kitchen with no waitress on duty.

We kept the wood-mode cabinetry and the tin ceiling and just gave the room a haircut and a shave - floors, paint, counters, backsplash and hardware. Since my home is almost 80 years old, the 1970s geometric backsplash and fake blue marble needed to give way for a more traditional look that suits the rest of the house. And the worn tile and grout counters made me fear for salmonella every time I cooked.
I'm pretty proud of myself for getting this entire project done in under 3 weeks (even with a holiday weekend). However, doing this while the teenagers are taking final exams and during the height of my 'busy season' was probably not the best timing. But I've learned that when you want the best tradesmen at the best price, sometimes you have to work with their schedules.
[where: 75230]


Joan said...

So when are we invited over?

Anonymous said...

I'm about to do a kitchen remodel. Can you give me the name and contact info of your contractor? KL.DUDLEY@YAHOO.COM