Jan 22, 2009

Trash Collection Changes

Changes are coming to our trash collection service.
The city's new OneDay program has trash pick up one day a week for both regular trash and recycling. Now, you only need to haul the trash can out once a week and it should help our city's environment and budget. Trash trucks will be on the streets fewer days a week and now my recycling bid won't be overflowing twice a month.
Lots of folks will likely be taken by surprise when these changes begin. I just got a postcard from the Dallas Sanitation Services Department to let me know about our neighborhood meeting to discuss these changes in our trash service. Only the meeting was on January 19th at the Preston Royal Library and the post card was postmarked January 20th.
No problem because I'm happy to see the changes and don't need a government sponsored meeting to tell me how to haul my trash can to the curb less often.
Note: The new collection schedule starts February 1st.
[where: 75230]

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Anonymous said...

When does this start?