Jan 8, 2009

Stage the Outside to get them Inside

Its the dead of winter and things are kind of brown outside. But that doesn't mean you can't spruce of the house and add some pizazz to get buyers in your door.

Nothing is worse (for a seller) than when I drive up to your home with a client and they don’t even want to go inside, because the front of the home is “unappealing.” I may know that the inside of the house is so much better, but they don't even want to waste their time to go inside. In today’s buyers market, why should they?

Here are some easy, inexpensive January fixes to help create curb appeal and get you one big step closer to a sale.

  • Paint or stain the front and garage doors. Buyers notice these from the street first.
  • Update outside light fixtures. Dark fixtures are best & the glass should sparkle.
  • Hang a flag. A flag waving in the breeze adds life to a home.
  • Fix the driveway. Clean it, patch it, stain it, do whatever it needs to make it appealing.
  • Clean up the landscaping. Look at your home with fresh eyes and make sure the landscaping looks neat and well groomed. Most Dallas buyers prefer a manicured look. What you think looks 'natural', may look sloppy and unsightly to a buyer. Winter rye grass seed for the lawn and mulch in the flower beds goes a long way. Trim the trees and bushes.
  • Clean the windows inside & out! It will instantly make the house feel updated and fresh.
  • Move garbage/recycle containers into the garage. We don't want to see them from the street.
  • Invite them in - visually. Put down a fresh doormat. Place a nice chair on the porch, a blooming plant on the steps, a birdbath near the entry. Buyers will be lingering here while their agent unlocks the door. Your front entry should be as welcoming as grandma with a plate of warm cookies.

Just like you decorate for the holidays - decorate for selling. Keep in mind that most homebuyers are not looking for a 'fixer upper'. You want to appeal to as many buyers as possible, so make it 'appealing' to get them in the door.

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