Dec 7, 2008

Inexpensive Home Improvements

Given the current economy, many folks are looking for ways to spruce up their home for sale without breaking the bank. And this typically slow season is the perfect time to make some improvements. Below are some fantastic do-it-yourself, low-cost, easy ways to improve your home.

  • Clean! We all get accustomed the the smells and smudges in our own homes. But a spic-and-span cleaning from the baseboards to the windows, can make a big difference in the appearance and aroma of your home.

  • De-clutter. Most homes that I tour could easily loose half of the items in them to show off the house to it's full potential. Pack things up and you'd be surprised how much you don't miss the 'stuff'. Donate it, sell it, store it, or give it away to friends.

  • Paint. It’s one of the least expensive and easiest ways to add value and style to your property. If you don't know how to choose colors or finishes, consult a professional.

  • Replace Fixtures. Update light fixtures and replace outdated plumbing fixtures. Nothing dates a kitchen like old cabinet knobs. Some fixtures can simply be painted.

  • Overhaul some of the furniture you already own by refinishing or recovering it. This could be anything from updating your coffee table to fresh bed coverings.

  • Trim the landscape. This is the time of year to clean up the shrubs, limbs and flower beds.

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