Dec 3, 2008

Giving the Mailman a Hernia

The mailbox is overflowing so it must be December. In just one day, the junk mail and magazines were enough to give our mail carrier a hernia (and the Christmas cards haven't even started arriving yet). In an attempt to save a few trees, we've already registered to opt out of junk mail lists and I've done my best to get off catalog lists. But we still get massive catalogs from office supply companies and lots of glossy catalogs for watches, cars, wine, etc.

And has anyone noticed how ineffective the 'do not call' list has become? We get pre-recorded solicitations for things like health insurance even though we are on the do-not-call list. I listen through the message so I can press the button to be deleted from their list. But usually the prompt to be deleted cuts me off before I can press the button.
Given a choice, I'd rather screen my calls than empty my mailbox into the recycling bin every day. And I'd rather a company waste their money paying a phone solicitor than cutting down trees. We can mute our phones easier than we can stop the junk mail. So why is it so hard? [where: 75230]

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