Nov 10, 2008

Just How Bad is the Real Estate Market?

Lets just take a look at this graph of residential sales in the metroplex over the past 4 years. Doesn't look like fire and brimstone to me. Judge for yourself.

Thanks Britt Fair.

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Jeff Duffey said...

What's this? Truth? Honest perspective? Amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

So, if we average out all those points, we're probably back to about 2004-2005 levels YTD. Not so bad: but that's what financial experts have been saying for a while. We've just had a steady, stable market. So, we didn't have double-digit gains to give back to the ether.

Toronto realtor said...

Exactly. When people look at actual data and are crying about percents falling down, they usually don't realize the situation some 5-8 years ago. We compare our situation to boom years only, that's a very pessimistic attitude...
I can see it here in Canada. Sales fell down by 30% and prices by 10% here in Toronto, compared to year 2007 (which was extremely excellent), on the other hand, prices are still on the level of 2006 (which was successful too...).
Take care