Oct 18, 2008

Best Jobs Ever

I know it isn't fair for one person to have the three best jobs in the world - but I do. I'm a Mom to 3 great kids, a full time Realtor and an Ice Cream Judge.

Today I enjoyed job #3 at the State Fair of Texas. There is nothing like spending the day tasting and scrutinizing the best homemade ice creams in the state. Its guaranteed to put anyone in a happy mood. By the way, a terrific Banana Pudding Ice Cream edged out a fantastic Toasted Butter Pecan and Toffee Ice Cream for the Best of Show award.

We all wear many hats at different times in our lives. I hope you have the chance at some time to experience a job as fulfilling as the ones I enjoy. And if you haven't experienced the biggest state fair in the country recently, you have one more day to make it happen.

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