Sep 30, 2008

Who's afraid to sell their home?

Hey Wall Street! We're still selling houses over here!

Sure the economy is experiencing a time of big uncertainty. But people ARE still buying and selling homes. But many are not for one reason - FEAR.

Look around. The overall emotional attitude in our society right now is fear! So many people are fearful of losing their jobs. Others, who own businesses, are fearful of whether they will make it through this market transition. They walk around in a world of uncertainty, worry and doubt. And what does that do? It just feeds their fear.

FEAR is a thief. It takes and doesn't give. What it takes is your spirit and your faith in yourself. The companions to fear are doubt, worry and increased stress and fatigue. Fear will stay in our life as long as we allow it to. The longer we live in FEAR, the more it strengthens its presence and weakens us.

But this is no time to let fear control us or our economy. Rather than dwell on the negatives, we must look to a way to get through this challenge. And we must trust that there is an answer. There is ALWAYS an answer. But there are not always people seeking the answer.

And there is always more than a single option! Often the needed option is not the first one. It is sometimes the second or third choice. But if you stop before you get there, you won't find it. Look around; find those with clear direction and work with them.

I'm not afraid of this market. I see it as a challenge and an opportunity. Embrace it!

Got to go. I've got a few homes to sell.
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