Sep 9, 2008

Thief targeting Realtors & Homes For Sale

I hate thieves. And I really hate it when they get away with it. So just imagine how much I'm hating this guy...

An "all call' went out to area Realtors this morning alerting them to a man calling himself Dan or Stan Tucker. He allegedly is using agents to gain access to homes where he attempts to divert the agent in order to steal prescription drugs from the master bedroom and bathroom areas. He was described as a white male driving a small black Mercedes with USA on the license plate.
After Realtor Connie Weaver alerted agents with this announcement, Realtors started coming out of the woodwork. All describe the same man, though he uses different stories and sometimes wears a toupee. One of the agents that he targeted recently is a friend of mine.
As it turns out, Stan Tucker may have been stealing from Realtors (both their time and their money) and from innocent people who's homes are for sale for about 10 years (that we know of).
He was exposed on a Channel 11 story in February 2007 after allegedly ripping off many people. They aired his photo and even footage of him being confronted on his porch. They reported "Tucker has been convicted of theft twice -- once in 1998 for stealing from a Plano Tom Thumb and again in 2005 for stealing from a house for sale."
I remember hearing about this guy a couple of years ago. Being stunned that he was still using the same mode of operation, it got me digging a little.
A Realtor Safety Alert was sent out by Greater Lewisville Association of Realtors in June 2006. It describes him as "50 yrs, 5'11, 175 lbs, sandy haired, very freckled, says name is Stan Tucker". At that time he was driving a grey Expedition with an OSU decorative plate and a back plate personalized with USA. He was also described in a December 2006 blog warning as "man goes by the name Stan Tucker and is supposedly a cash buyer who drives a white Ford 4-door truck". This past summer he apparently targeted agents in the Rockwall area.

Imagine my shock when I uncovered this photos on the internet.

Here he is chatting it up at a Republican fundraiser with our local Rep. Dan Branch (a nice guy who wouldn't want to be associated with this criminal).

Apparently he still lives and 'works' in and around the Park Cities. But his 'work' takes him north all the way to Oklahoma. His act changes from a "Park Cities father" to an architect to a 'Hollywood' type.
Another agent said it best: "We need to stop allowing this guy to victimize people." Anyone out there with any suggestions on how to catch this thief?
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Anonymous said...

Stan has now hit the Stillwater, Oklahoma market pretty hard. He is apparently taking credit cards, prescriptions, and gift cards. He deserves to be in jail for a long time.

It is too bad you can't set up some kind of sting to catch him?

Anonymous said...

As of 2010 this guy is living in Ft Worth and stealing from homes for sale in the Tarrant County area. He lives on Fairmount Avenue in Ft. Worth.
Agents beware.

philippine real estate said...

You must be very careful in there.

Paula M

arrielle_p said...

Hope they catch this person so that he has no more victims.

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Ray Brickman said...

A plot will be the key to jail this thief. Since he's targeting real estate agents, then let these real estate agents be the bait.

Anyways, what's the latest news about this criminal?

Ray Brickman

Anonymous said...

Have him meet at your office have the police waiting in the wings. or have the police notified when you are in the home,

Anonymous said...

We should make ID copies before showing and start collecting a retainer for buyer agent services, also I think weekly open house hours like other states do would be much safer than this courier service which is outdated and dangerous. (A TX Broker)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ray B but as a Real Estate Agent I would prefer not to be used as bait.

Anonymous said...

I have not verified, but heard, he is recently out of jail and back to his old habits.
Had a conversation with an agent out of Frisco who told me that someone in her office had a recent encounter.
Was also told that his photo/bio has been circulated to some brokers who have relations with local police.
Why doesn't our board (metrotex) have those relationships with police that will alert them to real estate crimes that effect us??

Anonymous said...

Look out Waco. Tucker is now working that market and robbing agents and homes.

Anonymous said...

Realtors are suppose to make sure that buyers are pre-qualified before taking them shopping for a house. He is probably targeting inexperience agents.

Anonymous said...

He is in Stillwater, Ok. May 28, 2013, Driving a black SUV. May use the name "Sam". He mentioned that he was "going to Tulsa" as well, don't know if it was a lie or not.

Bill Vanzandt said...

We are in Bixby, OK and this scam artist came to our home using the name Stan Tucker 214-505-9955. We are selling our home as FSBO and he was acting very suspicious. He stated he had looked at 3 other homes in this area and was looking to move here and pay cash. BEWARE!!! We are contacting the local authorities. Luckily our home was empty.

Anonymous said...

Stan is still active in Oklahoma and Tulsa

Anonymous said...

FYI- Presently resides With his partner Michael McDermott at: 1710 Fairmount Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110.