Sep 8, 2008

No More Bad Real Estate Photos

If you've gotten a chuckle out of my posts of Bad Real Estate Photos, I'm sorry to say they have come to an end.

Its not that there aren't plenty of bad photos out there. But I been told that it isn't a good idea to publish them. Even though I haven't identified the location of these properties or the agents who published these photos, apparently they could still get me into trouble.

And since I prefer to spend my time selling homes and not in a courtroom, I'll be following the good advice.
With any job, you've got to have a little amusement - so I'm looking for something else to poke fun. Suggestions? [where: 75230]

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My said...

I just came across your page this morning and I have to comment on the bad photos. I was an active agent for a short while and this was one of my greatest pet peeves - professional real estate agents that cannot take a decent property photo. How hard can it be to stage a photo? Like close the toilet lid, don't take a picture of a mirror, clean the dirty dishes off the counter, remove children and old folks from the room, etc.
I so loved your comments; you are a very funny lady. Thanks for the chuckle and may God bless your RE business.