Aug 14, 2008

Bad Real Estate Photos for August

Despite today's digital cameras, bad real estate photos continue to represent homes for sale in Dallas. Below are this week's worst. Just to clarity - I did not take these photos. God help me if I did. These are taken from homes listed for sale in the Dallas area. The MLS system allows up to 10 photos of each property for sale and most agent like to showcase the best features of a home with good photos. Except for with these poor properties -

Wow, wood floors. Maybe the agent accidentally hit the button while the camera was around his neck

. . I'm blinded. But at least this guy hid behind his flash so we couldn't guess his identity. .

Find the light switch. PLEASE

Easiest way to empty the tub. Just turn it on its side

You go first.

[where: 75230]

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