Jul 2, 2008

Ten things you MUST do when selling your home

Want to sell? First, find the right agent who can make it happen for you. Then, you have 2 routes to choose from. You need a buyer to fall in love with 1) the house or 2) the price. You must either make your home beautiful in the buyer's eyes or price it low enough to attract the buyer.
In real estate, beauty is in “the eye of the buyer”. Accept that as fact. If you choose not to offer your house at a bargain price, then you'll need to ensure your property is appealing to as many buyers as possible, not to your personal tastes.
These 10 most important tips were gleaned from The Accredited Home Staging Council:
  1. Let in the Light - open drapes, doors & sometimes windows.
  2. Spotlessly Clean the Windows - they should sparkle.
  3. Spruce up the Curb Appeal - everything in the yard should be trimmed, watered, manicured and living. No 'stuff' (sports equipment, toys, worn out furniture) around.
  4. De-Clutter - everywhere: inside and out. Pack it up. Clean off the fridge, the piano, the nightstands. Leave enough blank space for buyers to visualize their own belongings. If there aren't enough flat surfaces with nothing on them, then de-clutter some more. Too much stuff makes a house feel small.
  5. Deep Clean the Kitchen & Bathrooms - they should be spotless. Dirt in these areas are deal-killers. You have to go beyond 'normal cleaning'. Clean cabinets, grout & fixtures. While you're at it, make sure carpets & rugs are completely clean. Dirty carpet is the number one buyer turn-off.
  6. De-Personalize - Trust me here. Buyers don't want to buy your family or vacation memories. Clear them out to let buyers imagine the house as their own.
  7. Neutral Paint colors are Best - A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to freshen up your home. Since your taste may not be the same as the buyers, keep it neutral.
  8. Stage Your Home - to sell not to live in. Buyers really do want it to look like a magazine spread. They care about the home's appeal, not about your comfort. Your home should be dressed up for a big date. If this just isn't the kind of person you are, then too bad, do it anyway.
  9. Fix & Repair. Buyers expect a home to be in good repair. They are not looking for perfection. But dripping faucets, damaged walls, non-working switches, ..., raise the question in a buyer’s mind -What else isn't working? If there is a switch or knob, you can expect a buyer to push or twist it - and it had better work.
  10. Get Rid Of Odors - What is a natural odor to your family may be repulsive to a buyer. Some buyers won't even walk through a home with cigarette or pet odors. And while you may love your pet, for the buyers their presence, food and boxes are generally a turn-off. Ask a third party for their opinion of your home's smell.
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