Jul 17, 2008

A Day in the Country

These are just a few of the big group of Realtors who spent the day touring The Bridges - a stunning new development in Gunter, Texas. Located an hour north of Dallas (and south of Sherman), it is probably the best new development in North Texas.

What a treat to really explore this place, view the plans and see it coming up out of the ground. And what a relief to see it developed by folks who really know what they're doing. You can buy a lot and pick your own builder - if there are any lots left by the end of summer. Personally, I think the lot prices will rise dramatically when the golf course and club house open in the fall. If you're interested in this development, give me a call to find out more details.
I'm really considering one of these lots for myself. Like Will Rogers said, "Buy land, 'cause they ain't makin' any more of it."
[where: 75230]

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