Jun 13, 2008

Police still searching for fake Realtor

Police in Round Rock, Texas are searching for a man who scammed people while posing as a Realtor on the Craigslist web site. He targeted people searching for rental properties online. I've heard about this type of con before and it has scammed people thinking they are buying or renting a property. Sometimes it is played out by the person currently living in the property that they have no right to sell or lease.
Basically, over a week's time this guy swindled at least five victims by posing as a Realtor who posted classified ads for rental homes. One woman told police that she responded to an ad for a rental home and was met by a man posing as a Realtor who was leasing a home in Round Rock. He never aroused suspicion as he convincingly played the role of a Realtor in every detail. Each victim, on separate occasions, signed a lease for the same home, each paying a $25 contract fee and $499 for the "discounted" first month's rent. After completing the leasing process, each person later discovered that the home was actually listed for sale. By the time anyone gets wind of the rip-off, he's gone with their money.
Lesson here: Use an agent who represents you (not the other side) and know your agent.
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