May 14, 2008

Big City Crime

Yes, we live in the big city and crime is always a problem. But most folks in Preston Hollow just don't expect it. This story of a Preston Hollow front porch shooting has been circulating for a couple of days and finally makes the news.

In my neighborhood of Preston Hollow, we have a private police patrol and members of the homeowners association get the cell number for the patrolling officer. Since our association is run by volunteers, the annual cost of this service is very low - only $300 a year. What a deal.

People should always be safety conscience, but I'll admit that I would have opened my door to a stranger, too. And by the way, this incident occurred outside of my immediate neighborhood (where there is no private patrol). The crime in our area of private patrol is incredibly low and the response time of our police patrol can be measured in seconds. I think the thugs know it too. This victim should buy a home in my neighborhood.
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