Apr 9, 2008

Great Photos Help Sell Homes

I've been preaching this sermon for a long time. But if you don't want to take my word for it, look to the National Association of Realtor's recent statistics about how photos affect the sales of homes.

Here is the scoop, according to the folks who do these kinds of statistics:

"Photographs that accompany home listings on the Web or in brochures, newspaper advertisements, flyers, magazine articles, and other marketing materials play a significant role in attracting buyers. These images serve as the first impression, and buyers often decide whether or not to see a home in person based on their quality and presentation. Research reveals that the more photos a listing has, the quicker it sells.

A property with a single photo spent 70 days on the market (DOM) on average, while DOM fell to 40 with six photos, 36 with 16 to 19 photos, and 32 with 20 photos. Additionally, listings with one photo sold for 91.2 percent of the original price, while homes with six or more sold for 95 percent of the original price."

So if you want your home to sell faster and at a higher price - make sure you have several professional photos of the property in all marketing materials.
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Jeff Duffey said...

Great stats Lydia! But again, I'm having a hard time deciding what responsibility the sellers have in telling their agent they need more photos. I can tell you if my listing's photos aren't on Realtor.com within 5 hours I get a phone call.