Mar 4, 2008

Run, Don't Walk

... to your mortgage company. If you've been on the fence about buying or refinancing, it's time to get off and head to your lender. Interest rates have inched down even further in the last few days.

Rates have been tied to the stock market. Money that leaves stocks goes to fixed investments, helping the mortgage rate. The lower dollar also brings in foreign real estate buyers, (mostly from Europe and Canada right now). Lock in a rate for 60 days if possible to give yourself enough time to get your deal closed.

It is impossible to predict if rates will go down any further, so my advice - be quick to act.


Jeff Duffey said...

Preach on sister! And listen to you and your fancy finance talk.

Lydia Player said...

Thanks oh King of Blog!
You must be getting a million hits with all your detailed stats of sales. I just wonder if the inventory is down a little too.
I appreciate your comments. Since I probably average about 6 hits a day, it's great to have someone reading.