Mar 7, 2008

Retiring to Texas

We've all heard over the years about retirees settling in the south to enjoy their golden years. Typically areas like Florida and Arizona have a big focus on attracting people 65 and older.
Recently Texas, Florida and Georgia topped the list of migration destinations for people 65 and older, according to a study by National Active Retirement Association (NARA). Experts on real estate trends tell me that Texas will be seeing a bigger piece of the retiree pie over the coming years.
The idea of where to live in retirement generally focuses on finances, relationships (family, friends,...), medical facilities, climate, activities, transportation, and educational possibilities. Add the affordabilityof real estate in Texas, and we are an ideal state for retirees.
Look for savvy builders and residential developers to focus not only on the aging baby boomers of Texas but on attracting retirees from across the country and the world.

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