Mar 3, 2008

Real Estate News

Great news! Real Estate supply in our area has stayed in balance in early 2008. It looks like lots of folks are waiting for the market to improve before listing their homes for sale.

Areas south of LBJ haven't really been negatively effected by the housing slump. In Preston Hollow we currently have an 8 to 10 month supply of housing for sale. In the Park Cities there is about a 6 to 8 month supply of homes for sale. Some suburbs have more than a 12 month supply of housing inventory which does not bode well right now for sellers in those towns.
Traditionally in our area, home inventories of 6 months or less signal a seller's market, while inventories of 10+ months signal a buyer's market.

1 comment:

Jeff Duffey said...

How dare you post the truth about our healthy Dallas real estate market. What would Steve Brown think?

Kudos to you my friend!!!