Mar 6, 2008

Real Estate Ad

OK. I usually don't care for ads that disparage Realtors. However, you've got to admit that this one is really funny.

The company running the ad is OptHome and they claim to check out agents and recommend the best ones. What they don't mention is that agents pay to be on their list.
I never pay to be included in any agent lists and I personally think you should be wary of agents who are only recommended by companies that they pay to recommend them. Just because an agent doesn't violate any laws, doesn't make them a good agent. Most successful agents get their business by referrals from happy clients.

So while I wouldn't recommend this 'service' ... they sure have a unique advertising campaign.


Anonymous said...

Actually what is unique about this service is that agents DO NOT pay to be on any list. OptHome doesn't sell zip codes or service areas like many referral sites do. They actually do a customized search of all licensed real estate agents to find the one that fits the buyers or sellers unique situation. If the agent is sucessful in closing the sale that OptHome referred them, then OptHome collects a standard referral fee.

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll find out exactly how they work when (and if) this service comes to Texas.