Mar 11, 2008

Mortgage Rates ... going up or down?

Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't ask me about mortgage rates and where they are headed. They're going up ... and they're going down. Right now, some people are predicting that the Federal Runds Rate will be cut 1/2% in March and maybe again in April. Others are predicting that rising inflation will buoy sinking mortgage rates and they will rise. I can't be certain what they will do. I recommend mortgage experts to assist my clients. These are folks with a proven history of not only getting the best rates and terms on a mortgage, but making sure the transaction closes with minimal difficulties.

While I don't know everything, ... I know the people who know everything. And I'm happy to pass along their names if you give me a call.
Remember -
People Drive Markets
Markets Drive People
and currently, anxiety drives both

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