Mar 19, 2008

Incredibly Bad Real Estate Photos

The primary jobs of a listing agent are to market a home, negotiate, handle paperwork, etc. I can't imagine what an agent could do to make up for the lousy marketing of these homes.

When in doubt, use a cell phone camera?

You'll need to lie down to view this house.

Can you guess what time of year this house (or should I say TV) went on the market?

I think this photo was taken by an agent wearing dark pants and a white shirt. Just a guess.

Nice 2 story house. Conveniently located next to the local dog stop.


Jeff Duffey said...

I love how the Christmas Tree is right in front of th fireplace. That's not a fire hazard or anything. Kudos to these agents! Or not. said...

Those are some wonderful pictures. I am sold! Haha. Good job finding some er.. um.. der.. nice selling features.